What is WorkAnywhere?


Be at your office from anywhere in the world!

WorkAnywhere Cloud Computing Platform provides your team with a virtual office. Connect to your office from ANYWHERE! With this technology, we host your office applications and data providing access from any Internet connected PC, tablet or PDA.

If you would like a representative to contact you about WorkAnywhere, please give us a call at 888-854-4499 – 519-584-2447 or fill out the form on our Contact Us page.

Technology Platforms implements Terminal Works TSPRINT remote desktop printing application for clients that require additional printing support not found in native Windows Remote Desktop Services. Windows out-of-the-box printing support is great for most of the basic printing needs end users will require with standard laser printers. When more extensive printing function is required to control Colour printing, multiple print tray management or Department ID Accounting Windows RDP print services lacks the control functionality. This is where Terminal Works TSPRINT shines and allows the remote end user to have the control of their complex printing needs. Each remote user that wants this additional functionality will download the client component of TSPRINT to their system and install it. The Remote user’s RDP server must first have the server component installed which can be purchased from Technology Platforms. TSprint

Download the client here